Long e spelled y worksheet

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1. * 30 Second Words - Write a TV commercial using all your spelling words. Read it to a parent or sibling! 2. * 3-D Words -Use Play Dough or clay to sculpt your spelling words.

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KinderIQ provides free printable kindergarten worksheets for early learners to practice math, reading, spelling, phonics, and more.

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Long e spelled y worksheet

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Dictionary.com - the largest and most trusted free online dictionary. Quickly find accurate definitions and audio pronunciations of words.

A complete set of printable Spelling word lists, ABC order worksheets, and word scramble puzzles you can use with your 2nd grade students.

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Vocabulary Worksheets for Grade 1; Worksheets including matching, spelling, synonyms, fill-in the blank, and more!

Phonics - Consonant Sounds /b/ sound as in black, bed, bag, and bouquet /d/ sound as in daffodil, donkey, deer, and daisy /f/ sound as in fold, flute, flame, and fable

Spalding Based Phonics for English, Reading Spelling & Writing, 72 Orton Phonograms with Illustrated Mnemonic Keyword Captions, Flash Cards and DVD, Phonics .

Find long e spelled ea worksheets from 1000s of teacher approved worksheets by grade and subject. Quickly find worksheets that inspire student learning.

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apostrophe, figure of speech in which an absent person, a personified inanimate being, or an abstraction is addressed as though present. The term is derived from a Greek word .

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